About Us

Careinvent AS is inventing new ways for people with disabilities to live a richer, more fulfilling life.

We are putting our hearts into the creations, giving people new inventions in areas where they lack technical solutions.

Do you have a problem that you would like to be solved with a new technical invention? Let us know! We want to work with real people like you, having real problems and challenges you want to overcome.

Our passion is to create devices that enriches the lives of others. The long term goal is to start a foundation that will help poor people by giving them technical tools for free.

We are located in Sandnes, Norway, but we are targeting the global market.

The founder and CEO, Sverre Stendal, holds a Bachelor degree in electronics, and a Master of Science in Computers and digital signal and image processing. He has over 20 years experience from different IT-companies. The last 8 years he worked in a company as a product manager for a business to business web-portal.

We have been granted funding from Innovation Norway to conduct a market research.

We are:

Sverre Stendal – CEO / founder

Ottar Sæle – COO

Simonetta Sinigaglia Haagensen – CMO

Einar Fagerheim – Low vision advisor

Øyvind Lode – Blind advisor

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